Michael L.

“When I was first diagnosed in 1998 with mesothelioma, my life got put on hold for two years. I was 29 years old. I went to work one day and had a really bad stomach ache. I was doing some work and couldn’t raise my arms over my head. I went to the doctor and they found a couple of masses. I was totally ignorant at the time about what they were talking about. They did more tests and I ended up doing a 31-day stay in the hospital before they finally found out what was wrong. I met so many doctors. I finally overheard a doctor in the hall mention the dreaded c-word, and they came in and gave me the bad news. They told me the cancer was inoperable stage 4 cancer, what turned out to be mesothelioma in two places, the lung and abdomen.

I found Michael and Eric from one of their commercials. I gave them a call. Michael was really nice, and after I met Michael, he had me come in to meet Eric, Dwight, and the staff. I came in and they introduced me around. 

I had never been involved with a lawsuit before. I was getting information overload at the time. I was receiving a medical education that I never wanted, I was trying to keep working, and I realized that I needed to do something to take care of my family. 

I worked a lot with Dwight and Joel. Eric would keep me abreast of things. It was all new to me, and they were great guys. Michael and Eric are lucky to have them. Everyone in the office was really nice to me. I still keep up with Eric. 

I’m lucky to be one of the longest surviving mesothelioma patients in the country, living over 20 years. I wouldn’t do anything different; If I had to do it again I’d go with Serling & Abramson.”

Michael L.
I had never been through the legal process before, and I couldn’t ask for any nicer and more helpful people.
John T.

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