Railroad and Ship Asbestos Exposure

Railroad Worker Asbestos Exposure

Asbestos played a major role in the railroad industry for the majority of the 20th century. It can take as long as 40 years after asbestos exposure for the health effects to impact your life. Railroad workers are at high risk due to their potential daily exposure to asbestos on the job. Railroad employees who worked as conductors, engineers, maintenance men, both in shops and on the rails, are all vulnerable to asbestos exposure. They may bring asbestos dust home on their clothes and tools, leading to exposure of their close family.

Railroad workers who worked regularly with pipes and lines running through train cabins may have been exposed to asbestos. Exposure goes beyond daily job duties and may have occurred while off duty at a railroad lodging house. Maintenance workers are also prone to asbestos exposure from track equipment and associated asbestos equipment such as asbestos pads, blankets, gloves, and ropes utilized by track workers. Learn more about asbestos exposure for railroad workers. 

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Maritime Sailor Asbestos Exposure

Individuals who worked on the Great Lakes as sailors may have been exposed to asbestos through their work. It can take as long as 40 years after asbestos exposure for the health effects to impact your life. Sailors may have encountered asbestos materials in engine spaces on the ship. Although many of the sailors went on to work in fields where their risk for asbestos exposure was low, the health effects tied to asbestos exposure on the ships developed later in life and were able to be tied back to their time as maritime sailors. 

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