Jersey Court Orders Depositions of Johnson & Johnson Execs in Trans Vaginal Mesh Cases

According to an article in News, in a ruling issued on July 19, 2012, a New Jersey Superior Court Judge presiding in the trans vaginal mesh litigation involving Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiary Ethicon, Inc. has ordered executives to testify.

These depositions will enable the plaintiffs to find out what was known by the leadership of Johnson & Johnson, and to find out why these trans vaginal mesh products have been marketed despite the company’s knowledge of safety issues.

The Johnson and Johnson executives’ computers would be subject to searches. Any relevant information discovered must be released to plaintiffs’ counsel, according to the ruling by presiding Judge Higbee.

The rulings came at recent hearings by the Honorable Judge Carol Higbee, In Re Pelvic MeshGynecare Litigation, ATL-6341-10, Case No. 291 CT. An order regarding Judge Higbee’s ruling is expected to be entered soon.