National Cancer Survivor Month

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June is recognized as National Cancer Survivor Month as well as National Cancer Survivor Day – which is celebrated on June 4th. According to the American Cancer Society, as of January 2022, an estimated 18.1 million cancer survivors are living in the United States. National Cancer Survivor Month is meant to serve as a celebration for those who have survived cancer, inspire those who have recently been diagnosed, and a community opportunity for outreach and support.

According to the National Cancer Institute, a person is considered a cancer survivor from the moment they receive their diagnosis and throughout their entire life. Anyone going through treatments, living through their diagnosis, or dealing with what comes after overcoming cancer is deemed a survivor.

June has become a time to honor and remember those who have been affected by cancer and to help raise awareness for cancer survivorship. You can honor your loved ones who have been touched by cancer in many ways during this month including attending events across the country that commemorate cancer survivors and their stories, raising awareness through social media, or donating to a cause that supports cancer research or cancer survivors.

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