Mesothelioma Treatment

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Navigating life with mesothelioma is an overwhelming journey. Mesothelioma treatment isn’t just about grappling with physical discomfort and suffering; it’s a multifaceted challenge that resonates across emotions, family dynamics, career trajectories, and financial stability. The toll it takes is profound and unique to each individual, contingent on factors like the chosen treatment plan, insurance coverage, and the specific medical providers involved.

In this intricate landscape of mesothelioma treatment, our mission is to guide and support you through every step. This article serves as a comprehensive resource, delving into the intricate process of diagnosis, the varied experiences of treatment, and the nuanced strategies for coping with the rigors of this disease. By illuminating the complex web of mesothelioma treatment, we aim to empower you with knowledge and understanding, fostering a sense of control amid the challenges posed by this formidable condition.

Mesothelioma Diagnosis and Treatment

Once symptoms (pain, shortness of breath, and fluid buildup in the chest and abdomen), are noticeable, multiple diagnostic tests will need to be run. These include:

  • Imaging tests, such as X-rays, CT scans, MRI scans, and PET scans.
  • Blood tests with biomarkers for mesothelioma. There are several new biomarker tests specifically aimed at mesothelioma, some of which may be covered by joining a clinical trial.
  • Biopsies, can either be minimally invasive or surgical. Your doctor will likely start with the least invasive biopsy possible.

After receiving a diagnosis, your treatment plan will be prepared. There are many primary and complementary treatment options available to mesothelioma patients, which again vary based on the individual’s diagnosis, location, insurance, and other factors. Your healthcare providers will work with you to provide the most viable treatment options with costs.  Here are some of the primary treatments for mesothelioma:

  • Chemotherapy treatment can often consist of multiple chemotherapy drugs in combination and will usually be administered in multiple rounds of treatment.
  • Radiation therapy is often prescribed in conjunction with chemotherapy, making a potently aggressive treatment plan.
  • Surgical treatment may also be required, depending upon your mesothelioma diagnosis.

How To Get Help With Mesothelioma Treatment Costs

The US Department of Veteran Affairs considers mesothelioma to be a service-related condition if it arises out of exposure in the service. The VA will provide medical, housing, and financial benefits to veterans.

Depending upon your age, you may qualify for government assistance in the form of either social security disability insurance (at working age) or supplemental security income (if retired).

Hospital social workers and advocates can also help you by identifying charities, foundations, grants, and other resources that may be available to assist you with some of your costs. While the type of assistance varies based on the type of organization, you may find help with travel grants, free air miles, hotel stays, alternative therapies, and medical bills.

Next Steps

Our specialized mesothelioma attorneys can consult and assist you with filing a claim to pursue financial assistance from asbestos trust funds, in addition to filing mesothelioma lawsuits and workers’ compensation claims.

Get in touch with us for your free mesothelioma case evaluation today.