Success Representing Asbestos Victims

We have had many successes in representing victims of asbestos disease over the course of 33 years. Part of our success is we’ve demonstrated to the defense bar, to the opposition, that if they go up against us in trial, that we will be prepared, and we have a high record of winning jury verdicts. Because of that, most cases settle, and when they’re not offering enough money in a case, we are prepared to walk up to the judge and say, “Give us a trial date.”

So, our successes really have built one upon the other through 33 years. We’ve had many, many, many satisfied clients who send us clients after the fact based on our successes. We’ve had many difficult cases where it appeared at the beginning that we would simply not be able to come up with the source of a particular client’s asbestos exposure, and we’ve been able to overcome it.

We had a case of a 32-year-old victim of mesothelioma who had it in the lining of his lung and the lining of his abdomen. We took on the case; he was obviously exposed as a young child and had no idea because the exposures came from family members who brought it home on their clothes, or in their products that they carried in the back of a pickup truck, or from home improvement products. And we were able to establish the exposures to obtain millions of dollars for the victim and, in a way, given the victim’s family the ability to support their family in future years. Now, oddly enough, in this one case, the victim is more than 10 years past diagnosis of mesothelioma, which is probably the longest of any mesothelioma victim in the whole country. And this person has been able to spend time with his children, watch them grow up, treat medically, and fight this devastating disease and still receive compensation because he’s never been able to work again and he still has gone through many, many bouts of chemotherapy, surgery, and so we consider that just one example of the many, many successes we’ve had over the years.

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