Eric B. Abramson

President, Shareholder & Trial Attorney


Eric B. Abramson is the proud shareholder of Serling and Abramson, P.C. He has worked for the firm since 1989, when he started as an asbestos product exposure investigator. In his early years with the firm, Eric developed extensive experience and knowledge in the area of asbestos product identification. Eric became inspired to pursue a law degree and continued working for the firm throughout his educational journey. He received his undergraduate degree from Wayne State University in 1994, with a major in psychology. He went on to attend law school at the Detroit College of Law at Michigan State University and was sworn into the Michigan bar in 2000.

Eric Abramson has traveled extensively from California to the Middle East on behalf of the firm to conduct investigations into the use of asbestos. Over the years, Eric has investigated, litigated, and successfully resolved thousands of asbestos cases. His work has brought compensation to those who suffer from lung cancer, and mesothelioma along with justice for a multitude of victims and their families.

Eric is a member of the Wayne County Asbestos Steering Committee. As a member of the steering committee, he has sat on several sub-committees as a representative of all Michigan plaintiffs in asbestos litigation. He has negotiated and co-authored ten case management orders governing the processing of asbestos litigation in Michigan. Part of his work on the committee includes, drafting master pleadings and collaborating on discovery and case processing issues. He has worked on procedures to ensure compliance with Medicare reporting obligations and satisfaction of claims.

Dawn Regier

Legal Assistant to Eric Abramson

Eric Abramson is a trustee of the Detroit Bar Association Foundation (DBAF). The DBAF is a charitable organization which works to help meet the legal needs of the underserved community of Detroit. Eric is also a member of the Michigan Association of Justice and the American Association of Justice.

Eric has testified before the Michigan House of Representatives and the Michigan Senate on issues relating to asbestos litigation. He was involved in the negotiations for what would ultimately become bill HR 5451.

Eric is also a member of the Trial Lawyers Care Network.  As a member of the Trial Lawyers Care Network, he represented victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and their families. In one the cases that he tried Eric co-counseled with Matthew Cartwright (a current member of the United States House of Representatives D-PA). All of the claims were tried in New York under the U.S. Victims Compensation Fund Act. All claimants involved were represented pro bono.

Eric is committed to seeing that justice is served on behalf of clients. “Even though we cannot restore our clients’ health or their lives, we can bring some measure of comfort and justice to them and their families.”

Eric is a husband and proud father of four children.


Firm Highlights

Eric Abramson along with retired Oakland County Judge, William Bolle, and Tony Pascarella, President of the Retirees of the United Steelworkers Local 2659, all spoke up against HR 5456, and explained the importance of being able to litigate asbestos cases fairly.

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