Asbestos and Lung Cancer

Many people ask me whether mesothelioma is the only disease that people acquire from being exposed to asbestos. There are two other diseases that victims often derive from exposure to asbestos. One is asbestosis. Asbestosis is not cancer, it is a scarring of the lung. The amount of exposure to develop asbestosis is generally much greater so that we don’t have very many cases of a Workman who was only exposed during his college years or high school years and never again was exposed to asbestos. Typically asbestosis cases are derived by people that have workplace exposures for many years. We also have the disease lung cancer, which afflicts many asbestos-exposed individuals, and that disease is similar to mesothelioma except that it can be caused by multiple exposures not just asbestos cigarette smoking being the main cause in conjunction with asbestos in the development of lung cancer.

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