Personal Injury Attorneys in Michigan

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A Michigan Personal Injury Attorney

When Michael B. Serling won the first jury trial in Michigan for a client who had developed asbestosis, a non-cancerous scarring of the lungs associated with asbestos exposure, it was a landmark case. This was the first time asbestos industry giants like Johns Manville were held accountable by a Michigan jury.

Michael, a 30-year-old sole practitioner, knew that the asbestos industry would fight tooth and nail to prevent asbestos disease victims from seeing justice served. Little did Michael realize that this landmark verdict would lead to the creation of a law firm, now with a 50+ year history of helping victims of mesothelioma and asbestos receive justice.

Today, Serling & Abramson, P.C. is a thriving group of veteran attorneys who have handled thousands of cases involving hazardous materials, automobile accidents, medical malpractice, dangerous and defective products, workplace injuries, wrongful deaths, personal injury, and more.

Our expertise is wide-ranging…but we maintain a singular focus on helping people in Michigan get the compensation they deserve.

A Compassionate Approach + Decades Of Experience

The attorneys of Serling & Abramson, P.C. take a compassionate, understanding approach to every personal injury case with a relentless drive to get results. It’s apparent in every category of personal injury we handle, including:

  • Auto Accidents. We represent clients who have been injured or killed due to negligent driving, defective vehicles, dangerous roads, and other preventable factors.
  • Toxic Chemical Hair Relaxer. Our attorneys help clients who may have developed uterine cancer and other health conditions through the use of hair relaxers and straighteners that contain toxic chemicals.
  • Camp Lejeune Toxic Water. We assist veterans and their families who have developed diseases after being exposed to contaminated water at this U.S. Marine Corps base in North Carolina, one of the most significant environmental contamination incidents in U.S. history.
  • Defective Medical Devices. Serling & Abramson, P.C. pursue compensation for victims of defective medical devices and prescription drugs, including the Bayer Essure device, hernia mesh, transvaginal mesh, the drug Ducosate, and more.
  • Roundup® weedkiller. We have represented home gardeners, agricultural workers, landscapers, and employees at garden centers and plant nurseries who have developed non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma or another illness after continued exposure to Roundup®.
  • Sexual abuse. Our team handles cases of personal or institutional sexual abuse with extreme sensitivity while striving for justice and compensation.
  • Talcum Powder. Our firm has helped many Michigan residents whose years of using talcum powder contaminated with asbestos have led to health problems including mesothelioma and ovarian cancer.
  • Wrongful Death. We have a proven track record of fighting for just compensation after tragic, preventable deaths in Michigan, with attorneys who act compassionately and handle every aspect of your claim while you focus on healing.
  • Other Areas. We also represent many clients struggling with disruptive issues that, while not life-threatening, have impacted them financially and harmed their quality of life, including:
    • Overdraft charges
    • Probate court issues
    • Employment overtime claims
    • And more

Michigan’s Experts On Mesothelioma & Asbestos-Related Cases

After helping the widow of a man who died of mesothelioma in 1975, Michael Serling developed a passion for helping the underserved victims of mesothelioma and asbestos-related illnesses. Other serious malignancies related to asbestos exposure include lung cancer, colon cancer, and esophageal cancer. Thousands of cases later, Serling & Abramson, P.C. is a well-versed Michigan law firm in this field.

Equally devoted to pursuing justice for victims and their families is Eric B. Abramson, who has worked for the firm since 1989, when he started as an asbestos product exposure investigator. After learning about the firm’s mission, he became inspired to pursue a law degree and has gone on to investigate, litigate, and resolve thousands of asbestos cases, eventually becoming a proud shareholder of Serling & Abramson, P.C.

Many large firms advertise that they handle mesothelioma and asbestos-related cases when, in fact, they have no experience handling litigation in Michigan. (They often hand cases off to attorneys in another state.) Many asbestos disease victims do not realize that hiring an inexperienced lawyer who merely refers cases to other lawyers can be a crucial error. At Serling & Abramson, P.C., our dedication and results speak for themselves. We always pursue maximum compensation for every client we represent.

An Edge That Comes From Staying Local

From the beginning, Serling & Abramson, P.C. has been committed to using our decades of expertise in the Michigan legal system to help personal injury clients.

We’ve maintained strong relationships with local labor unions whose workers, plumbers, pipefitters, millwrights, and more have faced challenges from insurance companies and corporate interests. These workers have relied on us to prevail in successful lawsuits against negligent companies.

Our personal injury clients have also benefited from our personal, “small firm” approach. Besides contributing to the local community and supporting various service projects, Serling & Abramson, P.C. believes in providing a level of relatable, personalized care that larger firms can’t offer.

Go With The Experts

With our long local history of legal victories and lasting client relationships, it’s easy to see why Serling & Abramson, P.C. is a responsible choice for personal injury attorneys. If you or a loved one could use our help, we’re happy to review your case free of charge. We’ll immediately begin investigating your situation, advising you of your legal options, and will provide a human, face-to-face connection that can make all the difference.