New Superhero: Asbestos Lady

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Halloween has been a long-time favorite holiday for those who like to dress up in costume. Classic picks for costumes include pop culture references like superheroes or princesses. Picture this – its Halloween of 1947 and the most sought-after Halloween costume of the year is Asbestos Lady! Sold-out all-over town, kids took to making the outfit at home before going trick-or-treating. While asbestos was used in garments for fire resistance, we – the general public – now know the dangers of asbestos and are no longer utilizing it as clothing. But its fire-resistant qualities inspired Asbestos Lady – a 1947 Marvel Superhero!

Avengers Movie Week: Remembering Asbestos Lady and Asbestos Man — Mesothelioma Lawyer Blog — May 3, 2012

The Asbestos Lady was featured in a number of 1940s Marvel comics. She often fought characters such as the Human Torch, using her fire-proof capabilities to not melt away. She had adventures and story lines that depicted her business dealings with other heroes against the Human Torch. Other adventures followed her taking over her brother’s gang after his death. Ultimately, the Asbestos Lady was captured by other superheroes. Marvel unfortunately killed her off due to diseases she contracted from wearing an asbestos suit.

While Marvel depicted the Asbestos Lady in a fictional way, there is quite a bit of truth to her story. Exposure to asbestos was known in the scientific community as well as by many manufacturers to be a known cause of diseases such as mesothelioma or lung cancer that can lead to many heroes’ untimely deaths. Sadly, that fact was negligently kept from the general public and individuals who worked with asbestos regularly. Do you have a hero in your life who has been diagnosed with mesothelioma or lung cancer? Help starts here – fill out a free case evaluation.