Where Mesothelioma Cases Occur

Well, with thousands and thousands of cases over 33 years, I can say that many, many cases that we see come from automobile plants, foundries, paper mills, refineries, construction, large construction sites. We’ve had many cases of individuals, tradesmen that worked building hospitals, schools, factories. We’ve had cases out of the public utilities. Many, many cases out of the public utilities, Detroit Edison, Consumer Power, all over the state. Steel mills are particularly large venues for cases because there’s so many thousands of men that worked in that industry, and the exposures were quite widespread. But we also see cases that are very unusual. We’ve had cases of barbers who used talc laden with asbestos. We’ve had cases of school teachers that worked with kilns, sculptures. So, you can’t say that all of your cases are going to come from widespread industry. Tool and die shops and small fab shops. So, the victims come literally from all over. In fact, we’ve had contractors, builders that rarely worked with the products but they walked their job sites and they also have been afflicted by exposure to asbestos.