What To Expect in Your Asbestos Exposure Case

When a case comes into our office, we meet with the family, with the victim if the victim is still alive. And we explain to them and give them written materials so that they know what to expect in the coming months and years as their case goes through the system. In Michigan, cases generally take about two years to go through the court system before resolution or trial. The clients know who to contact within our firm if they have a question, and if they need to contact me, I am always available to speak with the clients, to address their issues. The clients are prepared all the way through the trial preparation process. First with the medical, second with the product identification, third with the evidence of what the family is experiencing as they go through the process of their victim’s disease. So, all along the way, there is contact and communication with the clients. So they know when their trial is coming up, they know when their depositions are coming up, they know what documents have to be submitted in their case, and they participate in it and are aware.

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