Trades With Asbestos Exposure

We see a great amount of disease in trades that work directly with the products. Pipes, and boilers, and cement products, such as the pipe coverers, often called asbestos insulators, pipe fitters, plumbers, boiler makers, and industrial bricklayers. But we also see it with trades that are bystander exposed. We see it a lot with electricians, although they also work with some of the products. Plumbers, of course, have a great amount of exposure to asbestos. Laborers, ironworkers, and many other trades, too numerous to mention. But the amount of disease in some of these trades is overwhelming when you add together mesothelioma, asbestosis, and lung cancer. Now, in factory settings, sometimes we have workers who work in just one isolated area, such as in an auto plant, like the brake liners are going to develop more disease than, let’s say, the men working on the line. The in-house trades, like pipe coverers, pipe fitters, and boiler makers, who are actually employed by the auto companies in-house, generally receive more exposure to asbestos than the person on the line.