Asbestos Product Exposure

In every asbestos case that is litigated, in every mesothelioma case, the plaintiff has the burden of proving not only the disease that he’s afflicted with, but he must also prove what products he was exposed to. If you can’t prove the products of Company A in your case, Company A is going to walk, and they are not going to be responsible for your disease. How this is done is a pretty complex concept because many products come into the workplace without labels. Many trades know more about particular products than other trades, where victims from one trade are exposed to the products of a different trade. So, that is the job of our law firm, to find out about these products, and in representing thousands of victims over 33 years, we have put together a database. And with the help of computers, about 15 years after we started doing the work, we have established a database for almost every site in the state of Michigan where asbestos products were widely used.

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