Michael Serling: Michigan’s First Mesothelioma Attorney

I’m Michael Serling, and my law firm, Michael B. Serling, began about 38 years ago. In the early years of my practice, I handled general litigation. Criminal cases, divorces, closings, real estate closings, contractual disputes, and in the early years of my practice a client came to me—a widow, a young widow with young children—and told me that her husband died of this very rare disease called mesothelioma. As a young lawyer, I checked with some of the senior members of the bar and found that nobody in Michigan had ever dealt with this type of case. So, I delved into it, feet first, and I jumped in and did a tremendous amount of research and found out all of these unique things about asbestos exposure that we’ve now been dealing with for over three decades. We were successful on Mrs. Carr’s case, and after that, many, many victims came forward, now that they knew they had redress and they could access the justice system for their devastating diseases and the devastating diseases of their loved ones.

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