Mesothelioma Client Representation

Clients are the most important part of our practice. Every time a client signs an agreement with us for representation, we make sure that our team is focusing on that case, is communicating with the client just as if they were family members of ours. If a client calls, that call is returned the same day. Nobody has to wonder if we’re paying attention to their case.

The clients participate in the preparation of their case. We need them to tell us who they worked with, we need them to tell us the history of their exposures. That comes with contact between our staff and the families or the victim. Many of the people that work in my law firm started as investigators, went on to become lawyers specializing in asbestos litigation. So they’re well-trained, and with so many years of experience, they’re able to handle virtually any circumstance that comes up as the case proceeds through the preparation process.

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