Chances of Getting Mesothelioma from Asbestos Exposure

The interesting thing about how somebody acquires this disease is that two people can work side by side for years and years, and one person may get the disease and the other one may not. Medical science can’t really tell us why that’s the case, but the point is that if we have a tradesman and they work daily with asbestos products like pipe covering, blocks, cements, or if they’re bystanders and somebody is working overhead all the time that uses asbestos products and it’s raining down on them, those fibers in the asbestos mineral are going to seep into the lung, and then they’re going to work their way through the lung, and in the unfortunate cases, they’re going to work their way right through the spongy tissue of the lung into the covering, the pleura, and unfortunately some of those victims will acquire the devastating disease of mesothelioma.

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