Asbestos Litigation Experience

Having been involved in asbestos litigation for most of my career, I was able to build a law firm that could handle the very large numbers of cases of victims that had been afflicted with asbestos-related diseases. Many of the people in my firm began as investigators and went on to go to law school, coming out and becoming lawyers in the field of asbestos disease. So that now we have approximately 30 members of my firm. We have offices in Birmingham and also in Allen Park, Michigan and we probably have a combined total of years that would be close to 200 years of experience when you add up all of the lawyers, investigators, paralegals that have been dealing with this area for so long. Sometimes you hear airline pilots talk about they’ve had 5,000 hours or 10,000 hours of experience as pilots. Well, we have 180 years of experience in our law firm in dealing with asbestos-related cases.

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