Thomas A. Smith

Professional Title
In Memoriam (1951 - 2013)
Thomas Smith

In Memoriam - With his service at Michael B. Serling from 1991-2013, Tom leaves behind a legacy of hard work and passion for helping our clients. Tom will be missed by our clients as well as our entire staff.

Thomas A. Smith managed the investigation of the asbestos cases for UAW members in Michigan. He worked as an investigator on asbestos as other toxic tort cases since 1985 and as an attorney since 1986. He was closely involved with union and non-union tradesmen, including Carpenters, Plumbers, Millwrights, Ironworkers, Steelworkers, Insulators, Laborers, Pipefitters, Sheetmetal Workers, Plasterers, and Shipyard Workers.

He investigated some of the most difficult asbestos cases in Michigan, including those secondhand exposures of children and wives of workers. After a career as a radio announcer, Mr. Smith graduated from Michigan State University with a B.A. in Communications, then a Masters in Labor and Industrial Relations and his Juris Doctor from University of Detroit-Mercy Law School.

"The workers we represent were exposed over 40 and even 50 years ago while building America and its industry as we know it today. While we cannot restore their health, I can find those companies responsible and help to compensate our clients for their asbestos disease." - quote from Thomas A. Smith, Esq.

I had never been through the legal process before, and I couldn’t ask for any nicer and more helpful people.
John T.

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