Tony P.

Tony P.

It has been great working with Eric. You can talk to him and share ideas and problems. You have somebody you can trust when you talk to him. The people at Serling & Abramson are very kind and attentive to what your problems are. They are very pronounced and tell you what to expect at a time when you don’t know anything about what is happening and it how impacts you. Dwight is a very sincere person, just like Eric and Mike. They have sensitivity in dealing with people that you don’t see from most lawyers.

Tony P McLouth

When it comes to working with people, they stand up all the time with no problem. They have the same ideas as I have about what the working-class person has to deal with. They were very well versed in what people’s feelings are and how to communicate with them without making them feel like a small person. They are people-oriented attorneys who sincerely want to help. They have been very supportive of our retirees, attend our meetings, and try to give feedback.

Tony P.
I had never been through the legal process before, and I couldn’t ask for any nicer and more helpful people.
John T.

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