Emory W.

I can’t think of any words good enough to say what the firm has done for our retiree organization, what Michael Serling has done for me. What they’ve done for our group of retirees is unprecedented. I get calls from all the people in my retirees’ club, and they just can’t thank Serling & Abramson enough. I don’t know what we would have done without you. It’s been a good relationship.

I had never had any reason to consult with a lawyer before. I can remember coming to the office many times; you don’t find any group of people as nice as Serling & Abramson, from the guy who answers the phone all the way down. It was a wonderful experience as far as I’m concerned. People were very, very helpful. We got to know each other really well. I’ll never forget Michael Serling and the people who work there. You don’t find that in your life very often, the relationship that we had and the cooperation that we got. It was really amazing. It sure helped me a lot.

Emory W.
All I can do is thank the people at Serling & Abramson for taking my case and getting me compensated.
Michael S.

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