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In 2015, the World Health Organization officially labeled glyphosate (the main active ingredient in Roundup) as a probable carcinogen, as did the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). People who have used Roundup are at risk of developing cancer, and many have already come forward to hold Monsanto accountable for causing their cancer.

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Camp Lejeune

If you are a veteran, reservist, guardsman, or family member who lived or served at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune in North Carolina, you may have had contact with contaminated drinking water. 

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Wrongful Death

A person, company, or premises owner's negligence can result in a wrongful death case. Serling and Abramson P.C. will review and investigate all forms of cases involving wrongful death.

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Sexual Abuse

Throughout history, sexual abuse has plagued society and affected millions of lives worldwide, and every victim and their story continues to matter. We want to stand with and advocate for you or your loved one as they face this. We can help you file your claim and represent you legally so that you can see justice served and obtain financial compensation for the injuries you've endured.

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Auto Accidents

Automobile accidents are not uncommon and can be caused by traffic congestion, construction work, extreme winter conditions, distracted driving, and more. A motor vehicle accident can lead to devastating losses for victims and their families, and we want to help you get compensation for your accident.

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Defective Medical Devices

We keep an eye on medical recalls that have resulted in cancer and severe complications. Visit our defective medical devices page to learn more about recent medical recalls that may affect you.

Other Specialties

Serling and Abramson P.C. reviews and investigates other claims relating to:

  • Employment Overtime
  • Overdraft Charges
  • And Probate

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