Leon Mintz

Professional Title

Leon has  worked as an investigator in  asbestos litigation for over 20 years, assisting in the  fight for victims suffering from asbestos  disease. He has built and maintained various databases containing client work histories and product identification.  During his long history in asbestos litigation, he has worked on various cases that went to trial, including one with a record verdict for an auto worker suffering from asbestosis.

With a do-it-yourself attitude, Leon takes the extra steps to ensure that all cases that land on his desk are properly handled and thoroughly investigated. This same work ethic has carried over to his personal life. He has remodeled his own home, doing the plumbing, drywall, and cement work. 

In addition, Leon enjoys writing, golfing, and playing guitar.

“I can never express my gratitude to Mike Serling and all of his associates for the long and hard work they did for me."
Ray R

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