Earth Day

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Earth day is an annual event on April 22nd to celebrate our planet and demonstrate support for environmental protection. First held on April 22, 1970, earth day has grown into an international day of recognition. Each year, a theme is selected and Earth Day 2023 is centered around “Investing In Our Planet.”

The first Earth Day consisted of 20 million Americans who took advantage of the spring sunshine and participated in peaceful protests for environmental reform. Today, Earth day is observed in 192 countries. Earth Day is recognized as the largest secular day of protest in the world. It is believed that over a billion people participate in Earth Day activities each year.



Notable Earth Days Include:

  • Earth Day 1970 - The very first Earth Day
  • Earth Day 2000 - Over 5,000 environmentalist groups advocated for clean energy
  • Earth Day 2001 - Google’s first Earth Day doodle is published
  • Earth Day 2016 - Earth Day was chosen for the signing of the Paris Agreement at the UN

Earth Day is the perfect day to get outside and appreciate the earth! The spring date was chosen to coincide with the planting of flowers and spring vegetables. It is also a day full of education on how to protect our earth and use our natural resources responsibly.

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