Asbestos Awareness Week – Home Remodeling Nightmare For Littleton Family


LITTLETON, CO – A kitchen remodel gone awry in a Littleton house left a young family stuck with replacing almost everything they own after their house was declared a “major asbestos spill.”

Chris and Natasha Mitchell hired a local handyman to scrape the “popcorn ceiling” of their 1972 Littleton home, which they suspected had “a high probability of having asbestos,” Natasha told Channel 7.

“I bring my kiddos home, and when I get there, there is just extra debris in rooms that weren’t having the ceilings scraped,” she said.

The couple, with children ages one and three had the property tested for asbestos and were told the house was contaminated with “a major asbestos spill.” The Mitchells had to immediately leave the home and move in with relatives. Everything that didn’t have a hard surface could not be cleaned and had to be destroyed.

“They are losing all of their furniture, carpet, their bedding, their clothes, and toys, almost all of their belongings. The total estimated costs of just the clean up is $28,000-$30,000 and that doesn’t even include the replacement of all of their belongings. The contractor is taking zero responsibility and will not help, and claims no insurance.”

The couple’s homeowners insurance isn’t covering it either, claiming they hired a faulty contractor.

The handyman, Jim Johnson of Jim’s Renovations, told the TV station he had “handled asbestos for years.” He blamed the family for starting remodeling before he got there.

Asbestos abatement companies must be registered with the state of Colorado and can be found on the Colorado Dept. of Health and Environment website.

“[I]t’s an expensive process to do it properly,” said Natasha. “But it’s your health and potentially your whole home. So, testing prior and don’t just do it yourself, make sure you hire the right company and check on their license.”

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