Canadian Worker Safety Advocates Want Asbestos Ban

According to an article from CBC Canada, asbestos has become the target of workplace safety groups across Canada that are trying to get the substance banned from all products.  One of those groups is the Canadian Labour Congress, which is calling on the federal government for an all-out ban on asbestos imports. Then there’s the Automotive Industries Association, which wants to discontinue the use of asbestos in brake and clutch manufacturing.

There is a Canadian national inventory of federal buildings containing asbestos. Ottawa has long stopped allowing use of the cancerous product in construction of federal buildings, but there is much more work to be done, said Jim Brophy, the former executive director of the Occupational Health Clinics for Workers in Windsor and Sarnia.  He has done extensive research on asbestos, particularly those in the oil and gas industry in Sarnia.  Brophy told CBC News an estimated nine per cent of brake pads contain asbestos and all of those are imported into Canada.

The industry has been regulated in terms of how workers can handle brakes in order to avoid inhaling asbestos, but there are still health risks.  “There’s no ironclad safety procedure,” Brophy said. There were major programs directed specifically at auto mechanics in the U.S., through the Environmental Protection Agency, but it was very clear that even these measures could not provide absolute protection.”  Brophy says the federal government has already banned the use of asbestos on federal construction projects. He wants regulatory protection provided for everyone in the country.

Asbestos was used in many construction and industrial sites over the years in the USA.  Asbestos abatement is performed commonly in older homes and historic structures. Asbestos abatement performed under strict conditions by a skilled contractor can be quite effective; thereby removing the health hazards associated with asbestos exposure, such as asbestosis, mesothelioma and lung cancer. If you or a friend have been diagnosed with asbestosis, lung cancer or mesothelioma, please call us at 1(800) 995-6991 for a free consultation.  To read more, please click on the link above.

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