Marigold Nursery demolition on hold due to asbestos fears

The BC Times Colonist Newspaper recently discussed, demolition work that has been put on hold at the former site of Marigold Nursery on Lochside Drive after WorkSafe B.C. issued a stop-work order because it suspected asbestos was present on the site. The order was issued July 21 and covers the entire work site after it was determined a site inspection had not been conducted to identify hazardous materials like asbestos, nor had such materials been contained or removed safely.

According to WorkSafe, the landowner confirmed the inspection had not been done. The order, posted along the fence at the property, noted “materials such as damaged Transite sheeting, that is suspected to contain asbestos, was observed around the perimeter of two pre-existing greenhouses on the south end of the property. The board has reasonable grounds for believing that the conditions described above present a high risk of serious injury, serious illness or death to a worker,” the WorkSafe board wrote.

According to WorkSafe, the stop-work order will be lifted only when the landowner demonstrates compliance with occupational health and safety regulations. There might be future inspections by WorkSafe, and financial penalties could be levied. “No decisions have been made in that regard at this time,” a WorkSafe spokesperson said. For more information on this site, please click on the above link.

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