Closely Watched AstraZeneca Cancer Drug Fails in Mesothelioma

According to, a closely watched AstraZeneca drug, tremelimumab, did not extend lives of patients with the rare cancer mesothelioma when given on its own, but the drug maker said it still believed the medicine had a role to play in combination treatments.

In a clinical trial tremelimumab failed to meet the goal of improving overall survival in hard-to-treat mesothelioma patients whose disease had already been treated unsuccessfully with standard drugs. While the company is disappointed that tremelimumad monotherapy did not demonstrate a survival benefit in the trial, they are still confident in tremelimumab’s clinical activity in combination with another AstraZeneca drug. The immune-boosting drug called durvalumab is being tested in combination with tremelimumab in multiple tumor types, including non-small cell lung cancer.

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