Asbestos found at a School Building Site

According to, concern is growing after asbestos was discovered at the future site of a Montgomer County Middle School in Bethseda, Md.

Residents in the surrounding neighborhoods are becoming increasing concerned as crews in hazmat suits started removing the asbestos Monday, January 11th. One resident who is frustrated by the situation was quoted with saying, “I don’t want to feel like I have to cover up my mouth…or be worried about what is going on.”

The site, which was once home to Kensington Junior High School which was torn down in the late 70’s and then turned into Rock Creek Hills Park. The county reported that the asbestos was found in tile slabs buried in the ground leftover from the school.

Montgomery County says the asbestos will be removed by Friday. The new middle school is still scheduled to open next year. The county also says it has coordinated with the required state agencies to get rid of the asbestos.

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