Telecommunications Workers at Risk for Exposures to Asbestos Containing Products

A new article from states that telecommunications workers nationwide are at risk for exposures to asbestos containing products.

The article, mainly focused on a recent victim to a rare case of mesothelioma, talks about how he worked with asbestos laden conduit pipes. Kris Penny, the victim, is only 39 years old, which is unusual for a mesothelioma diagnosis. Most mesothelioma patients are in their 60s, 70s, or 80s and were exposed to asbestos decades ago. The low end of latency period for the asbestos fibers to develop into mesothelioma is concerning for doctors, who now think the latency period is at least 10 years.

While the Environmental Protection Agency has banned some asbestos products in the United States, some still lay dormant in pipes, ceiling tiles and automobile brakes. Most telecommunication workers are not aware that asbestos-containing conduits exist. A safety coordinator for the Communication Workers of America union was quoted with saying, “Every manhole they [telecommunication workers] go in, they should be asking about the presence of asbestos.”

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