WWII Vets Revisit Planes They Once Flew In

October 23, 2015, According to The Big Story, At a New Orleans air show put on by The National World War II Museum and the Commemorative Air Force, WWII vets revisited planes they once flew in. One of the spotlight aircrafts at the show was the B-25.

One veteran, Victor J. Hancock, 92, was able to ride in the plane before the show. Hancock flew 22 missions over Italy and Austria as a B-25 pilot. As the plan prepared for takeoff, Hancock remembered what it was like at the controls, “I deliberately closed my eyes and envisioned I was Corsica taking off in formation.” He also recalled different flights over Brenner Pass, which Germans used to move troops and supplies to Italy. During the flight, Victor Hancock sat in the front, directly behind the pilots, looking out over the controls and the skies above. After the plane touched down, Hancock complimented the pilots on a nice landing.

Martin Biener, 93, who flew 51 missions over Europe, was eager to get back into the pilot seat and fly the B-25, nicknamed the Yellow Rose. Instead, the former pilot, sat near the middle of the plane next to the gunner position. While Biener took out his iPhone to capture the experience, other veteran’s took selfies. This light-hearted fun in the plane was a far cry from the worst flight in a B-25. Biener recalled having to climb from the cockpit to the bomb bay, and, as a member of the crew held him, cut a bomb, that had failed to drop loose.

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