Bay City Michigan Contractor Sent to Prison for Illegal Handling of Asbestos

According to in March 2015, a Bay City contractor was sent to federal prison for his illegal handling of asbestos in renovating a former church into the Bay City Academy. Roy C. Bradley Sr. was sentenced to up to five years imprisonment. The U.S. District court also ordered Bradley to pay restitution to his workers.

According to the article, in December 2014 a jury found that Bradley, “failed to remove asbestos before beginning to demolish and renovate the building, failed to adequately wet and keep wet asbestos until proper disposal, failed to ensure that a person trained in the proper procedures for handling asbestos was on-site when asbestos was disturbed, and failed to ensure that asbestos-containing waste was disposed of properly.”

Randall K. Ashe, a special agent for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Criminal Investigation Division in Michigan was quoted with saying, “When asbestos is handled illegally, it endangers human health and the environment…Today’s sentencing shows that when companies and their top managers put Americans at risk, they will be held accountable.”

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