Asbestos Found in Imported Children’s Crayons

CNN reported in July 2015 that the Environmental Working Group Action Fund is calling for a ban on asbestos in consumer products after it found traces of asbestos in children’s crayons and toy crime lab kits. Four of the 28 boxes of crayons tested positive for asbestos and two of the 21 toy crime lab kits were confirmed to have asbestos-containing material present.

According to the article, package labels indicated that the crayons and toys containing asbestos were made in China and imported to the United States. Affected crayon boxes included: Amscan Crayons purchased at Party City as well as Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Crayons and Saban’s Power Rangers Super Megaforce boxes purchased at the Dollar Tree. For its recent report, the EWG Action Fund purchased crayons and toy crime lab kits at national retail chains near San Francisco or at online retailers between February and May 2015. The EWG report stated “three types of asbestos — tremolite, chrysotile and anthophyllite — were found in the children’s products.”

The article continues to state that while reports of asbestos in children’s toys aren’t common, this isn’t the first time kids’ products have tested positive for asbestos. In 2000, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer found asbestos in crayons, and the nonprofit Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization found asbestos in a toy fingerprint exam kit in 2007. Unlike regulations governing lead in children’s toys, Congress has not passed any laws pertaining to asbestos in children’s products. The EWG Action Fund is calling for regulatory and policy changes to detect asbestos and asbestos-like fibers in consumer products.

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