Otsego Michigan Man Sentenced Regarding Asbestos Removal in Paper Mill Powerhouse

The previous owner of a paper mill site in Otsego, Michigan which contained asbestos was sentenced in late June, 2013 to one year in federal prison for violating the federal Clean Air Act, according to an article in MLIVE.

According to the article, the former owner pleaded guilty to one count of violating the Clean Air Act by failing to obtain a thorough asbestos inspection for the mill’s powerhouse building before stripping out pipes that he knew were wrapped in insulation containing asbestos.

In addition to his prison sentence, the former owner, Mr. Davis, from Michigan, is scheduled to pay restitution to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

“The court also found troubling the defendant’s misrepresentations to state investigators when he initially claimed that he did not know he was dealing with asbestos in the powerhouse,” according to officials in the news release.

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