Hip and knee replacements tied to possible risk of heart attack

According to Reuters News, elderly patients having a hip or a knee replaced have an increased risk of heart attack in the two weeks following surgery in comparison to those who don’t need joint surgery.

The results are from records for 95,000 people who had a hip or knee replaced in Denmark. Over the six weeks after their surgeries, one in 200 patients who had a hip replacement had a heart attack.

The researchers calculated that in the two weeks after a hip replacement, patients were close to 26 times more likely to be diagnosed with a heart attack than those who didn’t have surgery. The risk was still five times higher in weeks three through six post-surgery.

After a knee replacement, patients more than 30 times the chance of heart attack in the first two weeks but then their risk then returned to normal.

The results don’t prove that getting hip or knee replacement surgery can cause a heart attack. The researchers could not explain everything about patients that could affect both their risk of needing a joint replaced and having a heart attack.

Hip and knee replacements are usually performed treat various types of osteoarthritis. Some patients complications which are unrelated to heart attacks can involve metal on metal implants or defective recalled DePuy hip replacements which require the patient to have an additional surgery.

Patients opting for a hip replacement should discuss their heart history with their doctor.
One doctor said in the article, at his clinic, “a cardiologist tends to have some role in checking all patients before joint replacement. If you’re thinking of having hip or knee replacement surgery, it’s always wise to have a good evaluation of your cardiac health.”

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