Hip Replacement Could be Avoided With Stem Cell Treatment

Thousands of patients could avoid the need for a hip replacement after surgeons pioneered a new stem cell procedure to tackle a bone disease that leads to arthritis, according to a recent article published the month in The Telegraph.

Doctors at Southampton General Hospital are extracting stem cells from the bone marrow of patients in need of hip repair due to osteonecrosis.

Cells are mixed with cleaned, crushed bone from another patient who has had their own hip replaced and used to fill the hole made by surgeons after dead and damaged tissue has been removed from the joint.

The procedure has been developed by Doug Dunlop, a surgeon at Southampton General Hospital and Professor Richard Oreffo at the University of Southampton.

Dr. Dunlop said, “Although this work is still ongoing, several patients who have had the procedure have reacted very well and, if we get the results we are hoping for, these patients won’t need to have their hip joints replaced – they should be fixed completely”.

“By using stem cells to send out chemical signals to blood vessels, we hope the body will continue to create new vessels in the hip which supply enough nutrients to maintain bone strength”, according to Professor Oreffo.

Osteonecrosis is on the rise in the United Kingdom with around 4,000 cases a year. It is much more common in Asia where it is the most widespread form of arthritis of the hip.

Osteonecrosis is a disease that results from the temporary or permanent loss of blood flow to bones. It can cause the bones to ‘die’ and ultimately lead to severe arthritis. If the osteonecrosis occurs at the bone joint, it can cause the hip to collapse requiring the need for a replacement. Common oesteoarthrits is caused by wear and tear of the bone.

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