Smith & Nephew Withdraws Hip Device Component

Smith & Nephew PLC said last Friday that it is pulling from the market a metal liner used in hip replacements, according to CBS news.

Smith and Nephew is quoted as saying that there are problems with a hip device that is the optional metal liner for its R3 Acetabular System. Smith & Nephew Company of London, said that they are “not satisfied with the clinical results” of the hip device liner because some patients needed an additional surgery to have the hip device liner removed. The London based company described the move as a precaution. Smith & Nephew said hip device patients who have not experienced problems do not need to have the liner removed.

According to Smith & Nephew, the hip device liner was introduced beginning in 2009. Approximately 7,700 Smith & Nephew hip device liners have been implanted in patients. The majority of the hip liner devices were used in total hip replacements. Smith & Nephew reported $4.27 billion dollars in revenue in 2011. The company said that less than 1 percent of it’s 2011 revenue came from procedures involving the withdrawn hip liner device component.

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