Last Asbestos to be Abated at Mt. Pleasant Schools

According to an article in Michigan’s Morning Sun Newspaper last week, the last asbestos should be out of Mt. Pleasant Public School buildings by the end of the summer, according to school officials. The asbestos removal is part of the summertime renovations and updates that are planned at most of the district’s schools, said Chief Financial Officer Ginger Stowell.

According to the district, the kitchen floors of Vowles and Mary McGuire elementary schools contain asbestos, and those are to be replaced this summer. The floor in the band room at West Intermediate School is to be replaced. The asbestos-containing boiler-room door at Vowles also is to be replaced, Stowell said. “I believe that is the last of it,” Stowell told the school board this week. “That would clean up everything in our district.”

The asbestos work is to be done over the summer, paid for from a bond issue. Mt. Pleasant schools finished all the projects to be funded through a $14.5 million capital improvement bond issue passed in 2007. The total bids for the projects came in at just under $374,000.

Despite their limited resources, the schools in Michigan have been doing a great job of maintaining and abating asbestos which prevents or eliminates exposure. Asbestos which is not properly maintained or abated can lead to asbestos related diseases such as malignant mesothelioma, lung cancer and asbestosis.