Vandals’ break-in at school causes potential asbestos exposures

A Niagara Falls, NY School District is confirming asbestos has been found outside their old high school on Portage Road, according to a WIBV, Buffalo 4 news story last Friday.

Vandals recently broke into the building and used pieces of thermal insulation to write graffiti on the sidewalk. Testing was positive for asbestos on the material. The district told WIBV News that Metro Environmental will be coming over the weekend to remediate the asbestos. The area is blocked off and school staff will be on the property throughout the night to keep people away from the site.

The vandals broke into the school and used the asbestos materials to graffiti the building and sidewalks. According to the story, they could face potential serious medical problems from coming into contact with the asbestos. The school district told WIBV 4 earlier on Friday that all of the asbestos has been removed from the former South Junior High School, but lab results from the state showed three of the five samples taken tested positive.